Challenge Model 20" Paper Cutter - Digital readout


Seller refurbished:  This means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in good condition.

•20" Wide Cutting width

•Hydraulic Powered

  Clamping & Cutting

•Adjustable Clamping Pressure

•Cast Iron and Steel Construction. Built to provide years of service.

•Digital LED Backgage Position


•Manually Controlled Backgage

  With Lock

•Energy Efficient - Motor Runs Only When Cutting

•Heavy-Duty Casters for Easy  


Adjustable Clamp Pressure & Automatic Power 

Clamping and Cutting 

Hydraulics offer low-maintenance, 

trouble-free power not usually found on small cutters. Power clamping 

and cutting means less operator 

fatigue and increased productivity. The clamping pressure is adjustable to tailor the clamping force to match the requirements of each job.

The cycle begins with the activation of the dual push button controls. The hydraulic motor turns on bringing the clamp down. The clamping force builds to the adjustable pressure setting where it is maintained for the duration of the cycle. After the clamp reaches full pressure, the knife is driven down completing the cut. If for any reason the cut buttons are released, the knife and clamp immediately returns to the up position minimizing stock waste.

Important Details 

Designed and engineered by 

Challenge for efficiency, productivity, and durability. From start to finish the Model 20 will keep your jobs and your bottom line looking good for years to come. 

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