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Binding Methods

Punch and Bind Systems generally use one of five types of binding elements: Thermal Tape, Plastic Comb, Plastic Coil, Twin Loop Wire and Velobind to secure the "spine" of a bound document through holes punched in the appropriate pattern.

Punch Only Machines:
Fixed die binding punches may be specifically dedicated to one type of binding element - for example, spiral coil elements - or they may be Modular models that can punch patterns for virtually any type of element using changeable dies.

Punch and Bind Combo Machines: All-in-one equipment combines both functions of the binding process to deliver higher production requirements. These models are available in manual, electric, or manual/electric combinations.

Binding Modules: Coil Inserters, Wire Closers, Comb Spreaders and other types of auxillary machines are generally required to bind pages after punching with the correct pattern. These machines range from manual to automatic.

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