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Gotham Shredders & Binding can provide you the most advanced print finishing solutions, services, tools, and technologies to support the success of your business!  We represent all major brands of booklet-binding, laminating, paper-handling and shredding equipment and supplies. 


We've happily served New Jersey, New York, and the Lehigh Valley since 2003!  One of the secrets to our success is providing outstanding after-sale service and repairs. Our extensive inventory of office equipment features several models of Shredders, Binders, Laminators, Paper Handling Equipment, Envelope Printers and Mail Inserters.


By the way, we will service your office equipment whether you purchased it from us or not! Our membership in the BindRite Dealer Network means that we can offer on-site support while others only offer phone support.


Protect yourself (and your customers, clients, patients, etc...) against identity theft! Gotham Shredders & Binding also offers  shredding service for local clients. Trust us for thorough destruction of paper files and digital data. We also offer shredder rentals for clients in our service area. 


Gotham Shredders & Binding offers several types of shredders to suit the unique needs of your business. High Capacity Models are perfect for very high-volume data destruction. Executive and Small Office Models are great compact shredders that can be placed on desks. Heavy duty centralized Models and Hard Drive shredders for destroying digital media are also available. 

Turn printed pages into documents, publications and specialty graphics! There are several types of Binding Methods to choose from. We offer Punch Only machines, Punch and Bind combo machines and Binding Modules. Manual, electric, and combination models are available. 

Choose from a great selection of Laminators, Roll Laminators, Pouch Laminators, and Automated/High Speed Laminators. As an example, the ALM 3222 is fully-automatic laminating. 


Create clean folds, cuts, creases and even corners with our Paper Handling products - including Paper Folder machines, Paper Cutters, Paper Creasers, Business Card Slitters, Corner Rounders, and Jogging machines. Many different models are available in these types of products.

Our mailing equipment includes the impressive ColorMax 7 Digital Color printer, which uses thermal inkjet technology and produces full-color CMYK output, on a variety of paper stocks and sizes. It can safely be used on pre-printed or windowed envelopes because it requires no heat or contact to create an image. Our Mailing Solutions produce full-bleed, full-color digital printing.  DVDs and catalogs from up to 12 feed stations. Additionally, we offer signers, bursters, letter openers, and joggers to aid in office efficiency. 


Must Have Item: REVO T-14 Fully Automatic Laminating!

Shred- Bind- Laminate- Cut- Fold Score- Crease- Perf

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